Free Legal Advice on Radio


The law firm gives free legal advice on air every Sundays 2:30-3:30 pm Philippine time.  You can hear and consult with him live online or at 801ghz on your radio dial.


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Free Legal Advice on TV


Atty. Cartojano also appears on the law segment of the ABS CBN's local TV show Magandang Umaga SOCSARGEN.  To see video footages of the show click here.


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Training & Seminars


The firm team serves as lecturers in Real Estate Appraisers, Brokers & Salemen seminars and board exam reviews,  workshops on business strategies, investment analysis and BPO.


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Online Services


By partnering with Skeptron Business Solutions, the firm is able to provide online services to both local and foreign clients.  


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Latest Blog Posts


After partisan politics in every local elections, the next order of the day especially for local officials is the process of formulating and passing ordinances and other legislative work. Section 50 of the Local Government Code sets the tone of this process by requiring the concerned legislative body, or Sanggunian, to adopt or update its exis


Sometimes, the most obvious seems the most ignored. Take for example the concept of savings, the most obvious yet the most boring investment proposition for many. However, independent of any investment plans, accumulation of savings is the foundation of all investment.Was it the great physicist Albert Einstein who once said that the eight wonde


Contrary to popular quick rich schemes, most of those who are successful in real estate did not attain their status overnight. Key to success in real estate is patience in looking for opportunities. There is no rush to force things especially as you will have to look for bargains. In fact, given time and lots of creativity, you may even secure a re

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Republic of the Philippines CONGRESS OF THE PHILIPPINES Metro Manila   Fourteenth CongressThird Regular Session Begun and held in Metro Manila,


Republic of the Philippines CONGRESS OF THE PHILIPPINES Metro Manila   Fifteenth CongressSecond Regular Session   Begun and held in Metro Manila


Republic of the Philippines CONGRESS OF THE PHILIPPINES Metro Manila   Fourteenth CongressThird Regular Session Begun and held in Metro Manila,

Digital Law Library

An act regulating the practice of real estate service in the Philippines, creating for the purpose a professional regulatory board of real estate service, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.

Real Estate Service Act (RESA) Law (Republic Act No. 9646)


The act prescribing the intellectual property code and establishing the intellectual property office providing for its powers and functions and for other purposes. 

Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 8293)


Our partners

Business Solutions Partner

      Skeptron Business Solutions   is the business process outsourcing partner of Cartojano & Associates and most of its clients.

     With "making everything electronically possible" as their company motto, SBS provides web and online solutions for businesses and organizations.  Services offered ranges from basic data encoding, English translations and transcription, billing & back office solutions.  It also offers advanced services such as Quickbooks accounting systems, software programming, graphics design, 2D/3D animation works, 2D/3D CADD designs.

What are my rights as an OFW?

botbox2There are lots of Philippine and International laws protecting your rights as overseas workers.   It is also important that you know the labor and related laws of the country you are working.  This website will give you access to some of these laws and more.... Know your rights!

Where can I get a patent for my invention in the Philippines?

botbox3Do you want a patent, copyright or trademark?  All of these can protect your intellectual property right but each serve different purposes.  Determine first what you want to protect and how to best protect it.

Apply patent at the Board of Patents (BOP) of the Intellectual Property Office, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.

What is the RESA Law?

botbox1The RESA Law is a newly passed law that regulates the real estate industry in the Philippines.  To prevent fraudulent and void transactions, the public are required to transact only with licensed real estate practitioners.